Vision & Mission


The mission of the Sanghi Hotels & Resorts is to put hospitality services on the highest level in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of our guests. Sanghi Hotels aim is to make a place for encounters, business success, pleasant meetings and gala ceremonies in our hotels and resorts. Aim to delight our guests every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart.


To be the first choice for guests, colleagues, shareholders and business partners in mid scale level accommodations.

Our vision is to continue to apply and set the highest standards of service quality and in that way justify and uphold the reputation that we have among the guests, partners, competitors and the wider community. Sanghi Hotels use and constantly introduce environmentally friendly technologies and processes in order to remain in balance with nature and also meet the needs of contemporary society. Tradition is a testament to our success but in the future we also want to embrace the changes that modern time brings and become more attractive in the market and more interesting to our guests and partners.


Our strategy is based on:

1. Partnership with guests

Guest satisfaction is the most important thing for us and we try with our quality of services to exceed their expectations. Our goal is to make every guest feel like at home and that for this reason he chooses Sanghi Hotels & Resorts again for his accommodation facility. We provide services at the highest level that will meet the needs and expectations of guests and will recognize their requirements through open communication, satisfaction monitoring and analysis of compliments and complaints.

2. Employees

Accepting new knowledge and technologies is a condition for progress including quality training and education. Because of that our strategy is based on the education and training of all employees and constant communication between all departments of the hotel. We support teamwork, personal responsibility and initiative of each employee.

3. Relations with suppliers

Purchase as one of the most important departments in the hotel requires a choice of reliable suppliers that allows us to provide the guest, who is the end-user of services, with highest quality and more adequate accommodation in the all hotels & resorts of Sanghi Hotels & Resorts group. We will base our relationship with suppliers on mutual interests and on the development of good partnerships.

4. Satisfaction of interesting parties

Sanghi Hotels & Resorts will improve the volume and structure of hospitality services, thereby satisfying the whishes and expectations of all parties: guests, business partners, travel agencies, NGO, government and sports institutions, employees, owners and suppliers.

The guest who returns, The employee who progresses, The capital that is growing!